– New works
by Greer Pester

10 February
– 17 March  
Tues–Sun 10am–2pm
or by appointment

Exhibition Event Sat 16 March 2-4pm (free to attend)

Betwixt is a solo exhibition of multidisciplinary works by Glasgow based Artist Greer Pester, considering the in "between" states of people , places and spaces. This body of work was created during big transitional times, a move home from living in Mexico city for 4 years, a Pandemic , and a series of literal and metaphorical births and deaths. It speaks on the interconnected details of human experience and the expansive sensation of trying to be part of and belong to something larger than ourselves. It reflects on the senses, nature and somatic experiences of being human. These works take the form of paintings, cut outs, collage, yarn paintings and loose part soft sculptures.

Greer Pester (she / her) is a visual and social multidisciplinary artist currently based in Glasgow, Scotland. She graduated with a bachelor degree in Fine Art from Edinburgh College of Art in 2010. Since then she has exhibited and delivered creative and educational programmes at home in the UK and internationally. She has strong ties to Mexico after living in Mexico City for 4 years. Her practice explores human states of connection and ecstatic experience with her patchwork of collage, painting , sculpture , performance and installation. Often bordered by colour and shapes that can refer us to the infantile and feminine. The work is playful and material led. Her practice often focuses on the themes of life and death ,the human body and nature, ritual and food.

Instagram: @greerpest @greerpester @greer_socialart

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