Magical Thinking
– New works by
Craig Coulthard

3 – 24 September 2022
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Sat 3 September,
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The Victory Song of the Knife and the Axe; Instant Transportation (Magical Thinking)
The Victory Song of the Knife and the Axe; Instant Transportation (Magical Thinking)

Magical Thinking is a solo exhibition showcasing new works by contemporary artist Craig Coulthard, curated by independent curator and Art Fair Director, Hugo Barclay. Everything starts with a thought. In this intimate exhibition, the artist explores the concept of metamorphoses (to turn into something) and magical thinking (thinking things into being).

Curator Hugo Barclay explains “Through Coulthard's thoughtful mark making and nuanced sense of humour, I hope visitors will consider how they think and how their thoughts may influence how they interpret what they see”

The art features elements of Japanese 'ukiyo-e' woodblock prints, combined with Pictish symbol stones. In nearly all of them, the stones seen in the works have replaced any human figures that were in the original prints.

Here, there is an attempt to create an unreal space, perhaps a future space, where there are only traces of humans. The artist is well known within the art circles of Scotland. Previously exhibiting with Ingleby Gallery, the Dundee Biennial and one of the Founding members of Edinburgh based Embassy Gallery in 2004.

Coulthard's wider practice explores in-between states, liminal spaces, and culture that straddle genres and audiences. He has long admired prints of the ukiyo-e era because they seem to treat places (or people) of importance with a sort of everyday, discreet respect. Their graphic style ensures clarity, and avoids romanticisation - which is something the artist hopes to emulate.

“I see all of my paintings as a form of collage really, taking elements from art history, geography and diagrams, but painting them to create a sense of flattened, coherent space. I am aiming at somewhere between diagrams and dreams.”

Other works throughout the exhibition include zooming in on the details of Crivelli paintings. Isn’t there is something odd about the portraits of saints holding buildings that look like architectural models? The space they exist in seems not to be either heavenly or earthly - more stage-like.

Finally monochrome painting 'Lookers Disco' brings this intimate solo show together, attempting to cross genres, treating a church like a band on tour or a nightclub - things that exist in one channel of creative output crossing over into another channel.
This exhibition runs from the 3 - 24th September 2022 at Sierra Metro in Leith

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